Buzz: It wasn’t her fault. It absolutely was clearly the physics. And thus we thought there has to be something very wrong.

Buzz: Hi Heather.

Heather: So dudes, you ventured off to test a sleep. Did you do exactly what you are thought by me should have done? Exactly how’d you retain from being arrested? Martica: Well, we didn’t really do something that’s perhaps not appropriate in a mattress shop. We really just went and jumped in the sleep. Buzz: We didn’t get up on the sleep. Heather: OK, well inform us concerning the sleep. Martica: It’s a choose Comfort Sleep quantity sleep, which [allows one to] replace the tone of this mattress. Buzz: the amount can be changed by you of air within the mattress.

Buzz: And it is called by them the tone.

Martica: It’s a air that is big having a pump and only a little radio control that can be used to pump the atmosphere in or allow atmosphere out and that modifications the muscle woman fuck tone, whatever they call the tone, associated with mattress. Buzz: plus it fundamentally is merely inflating this bladder that is in the bed rather than springs. Heather: and this is the bed Lindsay Wagner encourages on television. Great. Exactly how did the experiment is done by you? Martica: We sat from the sleep and bounced down and up. Buzz: At various figures. We set it for different figures and then we took turns bouncing about it. Martica bounced about it several times at various settings and I also bounced upon it at a couple of various settings, a couple of various rest number settings, plus the final time . . . Martica: We sat close to one another and bounced down and up in the same time, which can be really very hard – but enjoyable. (laughs)

Heather: What kind of results do you expect?

Buzz: therefore, what we thought would happen ended up being we assumed the rest quantity actually was that which you call tone, which for a springtime would be the spring basically constant. It can inform just how strong the springs are. And that implies that that you bounce on the bed as you turned it up it should increase your resonance frequency- the frequency. And it down, it should decrease your resonance frequency as you turn. And thus we started off with Martica regarding the sleep, and that which we discovered ended up being no real matter what rest quantity we decided, she bounced at concerning the exact same price.

Martica: I Became attempting! (laughs)

Buzz: It wasn’t her fault. It had been obviously the physics. And thus we thought there should be something amiss. Thus I sat regarding the sleep and attempted it for all figures and I also also bounced at very nearly precisely the rate that is same time.

Martica: But a bit more than I am because you’re a little bit heavier. Buzz: Yeah, I bounced slow than Martica did because we weigh about 50 pounds more. Which means you would expect it to be a small slower, also it ended up being just a little slower, but because of the exact same quantity each and every time than Martica’s bounce had been. Martica: regardless of whether the sleep was, actually, really firm and complete of atmosphere or actually, actually, actually soft plus the balloon ended up being almost flat. Buzz: so essentially which means that regardless of the rest quantity informs you, it does not really inform you the tone when you look at the way that is same a sleep is firm, it does not inform you exactly how firm the springs are. It is changing something different.

Heather: okay then, what are you doing?

Martica: So what it is that’s changing is the damping for the sleep. It’s like having a huge pillow that you could compress while making it firmer or allow it to be softer. Buzz: Yeah. So that it was completely full at a hundred percent, or a hundred sleep number, but usually it was kind of floppy if you were to open the bed and look at the bag, you would either see. Heather: and so the rest quantity doesn’t make a difference for sex? You simply set it anywhere you desire and things never alter?